Keep on the Shadow Fell-AMCS

The Story so Far

The Story So Far…. dun dun dun

Hi i am Ben, and i am the DM of this campaign. I have never DM’d before this campaign, and i feel that while i am doing okay i have a lot of room for improvement.

My players are all highschool friends are get along famously, and i thought i would teach them how to play.

The Characters they started playing with is listed

Adam – El Diablo (shortened name), Tatical Warlord Mitch – Arngrim I, Halfling Rogue Chris – Bhaal, Greatweapon Fighter Sam – JB, Scourge Warlock

So far..

The players have taken their newly made characters into a dungeon full of kobolds, fire beetles and hexers, due to a unrealistic hook and for phat lootz. Halfway through however they decided that they weren’t interested in what the rest of the dungeon had in store and would head back to town looking for a half decent plot hook.

Arngrim I left the party in search of greener pastures (because mitch decided that he wanted to play a wizard)

Arngrim II joined the party, a Controller Wizard, and brought a plot hook in the form of his missing mentor that sends the party off towards Shadowfell Keep.

After being ambushed on the way there, the party found some information about the missing mentor and have saved him (after being ambushed again). They also discovered the reason for these ambushs was a cult inside a cave behind the waterfall.

When they arrived at the waterfall they were attacked by waves of kobolds and eventually killed the leader of the kobolds Irontooth.

Phat loots was had and everyone was happy.

The party took a break from adventuring in the location and set off to a nearby town and faced off against multiple kobolds and eventually a dragon.

2 critting dailies later and the dragon was toast. The party has come back to shadowfell keep and are ready to raid it in search of adventure and well.. more phat lootz.

That brings you up to date with storyline. I’ll add more as we continue :)


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